GlueGar- Rolling Glue 3Ml Brush Pen

150,000 VNĐ


Brand Caligars
Compatible Material Wood, Paper
Color 4 Pack 3Ml
Item Package Quantity 1
Item Volume 3 Milliliters

Very easy to use, and with Covid, Corona, and Omircron part of our lives, this product helps in not Licked and Spittled to Death


*Great For Kief
*Great to Seal all Wraps Tight!
*Great to Stop Smoking Spit!

Check out the new flavors of our GlueGar and roll up with some new flavors in your rolls:

  • Banana Blitz
  • Dank Chocolate
  • Pina Coolada
  • Og Flavorless


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GlueGar- Rolling Glue 3Ml Brush Pen